Dope-Dyed Black Spandex


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The main areas of spandex are weft knitting, warp knitting, wrap yarn (cotton bag, machine bag, empty bag, one-piece machine, double twist), knitting socks, narrow fabric, and diaper.

1.High-end clothing for men and women;
2.Sportswear, swimsuit, tights, etc.;
3.Men's and women's underwear, jumpsuits, underwear accessories,etc.;
4.Elastic thin fabric: shirt, skirt, gauze and so on;5.Sweater, sweater, knitwear and so on;
6.Socks and gloves;
7.Baby and adult diapers;
8.Medical care products, knee pads, wristbands, elastic bandages, etc.;9.Elastic band, flower border, automobile, airplane, etc.
End use: twisted yarn, circular knitting, warp knittng, narrow fabric etc.